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Welcome We’re Creative Audio Production.

In an era of cluttered, disposable media, how can you stay viable? There is an answer.

Rapid changes to technology mean limitations on terrestrial TV and radio stations are gone. High-speed Internet and portable devices can carry a single broadcast anywhere in the world and play it again and again. But this Pandora’s box of new possibilities also presents new challenges. Unlimited reach means unlimited competition, a new concept for those used to local and regional markets. In an era of cluttered, disposable media, how can you stay viable? There is an answer. Branding. A strong brand identity has never been more important. The next generation of broadcasting or ‘podcasting’ giants will be those who acknowledge this truth, step forward and ride the wave of change. Creative Audio Production exists to aid in this transition. We offer a staff of the best writers, producers and voice-over talent –visionaries who will maintain and grow the strength of your brand as it carries over into the digital world.

We have the most comprehensive, forward-thinking and effective set of tools available to update, expand and revitalize your brand for the digital broadcast era.

What Our Client Say’s.

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    Katharine Yoder
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    Erin Davies
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    Christine M. Patti

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Fly Away Monster

Fly Away Monster

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Axtone Records, Ovum Recordings, PhetHouse Records
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Listen to Roger

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